About Copy Complete Folder Listing and Print Folder Content

Directory Opus has totally 154 Columns:

				<field id="index" size="23" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="35mmfocallength" size="120" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="accessed" size="119" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="accesseddate" size="92" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="accessedtime" size="75" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="altitude" size="150" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="aperture" size="102" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="aspectratio" size="99" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="attr" size="63" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="audiocodec" size="80" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="author" size="46" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="availability" size="160" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="broadcastdate" size="123" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="cameramake" size="89" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="cameramodel" size="93" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="category" size="66" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="cdaterel" size="89" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="channel" size="45" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="colorspace" size="67" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="comments" size="85" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="companyname" size="46" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="compilation" size="82" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="composers" size="87" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="conductors" size="71" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="contrast" size="60" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="coords" size="81" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="copyright" size="69" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="created" size="119" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="createddate" size="108" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="createdtime" size="91" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="creator" size="58" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="credits" size="82" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="datarate" size="67" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="datedigitized" size="132" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="daterel" size="101" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="datetaken" size="119" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="desc" size="120" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="digitalzoom" size="80" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="dircount" size="53" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="dircounttotal" size="105" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="director" size="72" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="disksize" size="133" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="disksizeauto" size="133" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="disksizekb" size="133" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="disksizerel" size="177" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="doccreateddate" size="119" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="docedittime" size="134" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="doclastsavedby" size="137" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="doclastsaveddate" size="132" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="duration" size="48" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="encodedby" size="89" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="episodename" size="94" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="exposurebias" size="126" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="exposureprogram" size="135" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="exposuretime" size="96" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="ext" size="38" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="extdir" size="38" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="filecount" size="56" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="filecounttotal" size="108" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="flash" size="38" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="fnumber" size="50" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="focallength" size="75" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="fontname" size="94" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="fourcc" size="62" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="framerate" size="86" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="fullpath" size="1476" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="group" size="55" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="imagedesc" size="88" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="imagequality" size="76" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="initialkey" size="95" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="instructions" size="81" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="ishd" size="33" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="isospeed" size="122" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="isrepeat" size="81" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="keywords" size="98" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="label" size="242" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="latitude" size="77" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="lensmake" size="108" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="lensmodel" size="97" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="longitude" size="79" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="macromode" size="87" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="md5sum" size="214" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="meteringmode" size="91" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="modified" size="119" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="modifieddate" size="70" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="modifiedtime" size="58" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3album" size="52" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3albumartist" size="97" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3artists" size="74" size_dpi="100" />	
				<field id="mp3bitrate" size="50" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3bpm" size="41" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3comment" size="110" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3disc" size="64" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3drm" size="68" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3encodingsoftware" size="59" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3genre" size="47" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3info" size="69" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3mode" size="53" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3samplerate" size="86" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3title" size="38" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3track" size="44" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="mp3year" size="37" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="moddesc" size="123" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="name" size="1358" size_dpi="100" sort="1" />
				<field id="prodname" size="88" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="prodversion" size="96" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="modversion" size="89" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="owner" size="148" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="pages" size="48" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="parent" size="139" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="parentlocation" size="140" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="parentpath" size="220" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="path" size="129" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="pathlen" size="69" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="pathrel" size="33" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="picdepth" size="35" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="picheight" size="45" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="picphyssize" size="121" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="picphysx" size="119" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="picphysy" size="118" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="picresx" size="53" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="picresy" size="53" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="picsize" size="92" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="picwidth" size="46" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="producer" size="83" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="publisher" size="59" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="rating" size="78" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="recordingtime" size="119" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="releasedate" size="145" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="rotation" size="61" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="saturation" size="67" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="scenecapturetype" size="124" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="scenemode" size="90" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="sharpness" size="55" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="shasum" size="256" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="shortname" size="95" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="shutterspeed" size="89" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="size" size="55" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="sizeauto" size="53" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="sizekb" size="51" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="sizerel" size="92" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="software" size="72" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="station" size="53" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="status" size="83" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="subject" size="51" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="subjectdistance" size="93" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="target" size="35" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="thumbnail" size="48" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="title" size="38" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="type" size="155" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="uncompressedsize" size="97" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="userdesc" size="134" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="videocodec" size="78" size_dpi="100" />
				<field id="whitebalance" size="88" size_dpi="100" />

So I activated them all to test the function of "Copy Complete Folder Listing" and of "Print Folder Content". With "Copy Complete Folder Listing" all Colums and Files and Attributes etc. are shown and nothing is truncated. The negative part is, that there is no grid and it's difficult to see everything well.
With "Print Folder Content" the folder list is exported to a PDF-File which lets it much better looking. But here almost all colums are truncated. Can you add an export to Excel and/or HTML to the "Print Folder Content"? Because then you can scroll horizontally as much as you like and you can see all colums and values and nothing is truncated. And it looks much better of course.

You can already export to CSV format, which Excel will read.

Yes, after messing around a bit I succeeded at last. From Excel the file can be exported to HTML but I miss the colors and the grids. I still have to investigate.