About portable versions configuration

I have a portable dopus in a USB stick and I need to know about the following:

  1. there is no Backup and Restore feature available in the portable version. Don't understand why.
    If I have a saved configuration (favorites, toolbars, etc) that I want to use with that portable version what can I do?

  2. When a new Dopus version come out how do I upgrade the portable? Do I have to export again from the non-portable? And how do I avoid to loose any configuration in the portable?

  1. To backup a USB configuration you can just backup the whole directory it is in. If you want to restore a .OCB backup file to USB then there is no direct way at present, but you can rename the .ocb file to .zip and copy most of the files over manually. (The "proper" way would be to import the .OCB file into your main Opus install, then export that to USB.)

  2. When you do another USB export over the top of an existing one, Opus will ask if you want to update just the program files or the configuration files as well.


So we can use previous saved configurations by "converting" the OCB file to ZIP. That one is not obvious.

It's not really an intended feature; it's just something you can do if you really want to.