Access Denied when deleting User Folder unless i've accessed subfolders

Trying to delete a folder in my Pictures folder but it won't allow me, even in Administrator mode.

Folder Access Denied
You need permission from [user i am currently logged in as here]

Strange thing is that when i try to find the file/folder within it that might be causing the problem, when i reach the last child folder then the parent of that folder suddenly deletes fine, while it certainly did not before i had accessed it.

Schrödinger's Cat at work? :scream_cat:

It makes no sense. Windows Explorer doesn't allow me either so probably not Opus' fault.

That's a Windows question rather than an Opus question.

I don't know the answer, but one of the more general Windows help forums may be a better place to ask than here as there will be more experts there.

I was afraid of that.

Opus may be one thing that makes using Windows bearable, sadly we can't avoid its quirks completely. :weary: