Access folders from the file log

When copying large files around from / to different drives, the copy tasks are in queue.
So I go on doing something else on my PC. After a while all tasks have finished and I have to remember what files have been copied.
Frankly sometimes I forgot: too many, it has taken too long.
So, I open Help > Logs > File Log.
So far, okay.
Thing is that obviously (though regretfully) I can't open a folder from there. I copy an entry and paste the source folder path from clipboard manager into Opus, so I don't need to click, click, browse, click...
Yes, it is a weird workaround, but the only one I know so as to a. recall what files have been copied from where to where b. jump to that folder, - but may be there is a better way?

(Note: I am not so much in favour of moving files - if something happens during the move - like full disk or something - maybe I end up with a file that has been corrupted? So I usually copy and then delete afterwards)

If the disk fills up, the move will fail and the original will be left where it was. Less risky than having to remember or work out what was copied to delete it separately later!

In the next update we'll add an "Open Containing Folder" command to the context menu in the File Log.

@leo, thanks for the explanation with regards to the full disk situation. I've always been a bit unsure about that. Same goes when for some usually unknown reason the system freezes and a reboot is required.

@Jon That would be nice indeed! Truly appreciated.