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Access server files


Can Directory Opus be used to communicate with a server? I mean something like what you use a program like WinSCP for. To gain access to server directories? Thanks


Yes. Some protocols require the Advanced FTP add-on while some (basic FTP) are built in.

Which protocol do you need?


I connect with the command line via SSH


SFTP over SSH is supported via the Advanced FTP add-on.


Is this something that has to be bought? Or does it come with Opus? Thanks


It's a one-off extra fee of AUD 10. (If you later upgrade Opus to a new version, you do not pay the extra fee again; it stays unlocked.)

If you want to evaluate the add-on first, send an email to sales@ and they can send you a code to unlock it.

(Anyone reading who is trying Opus for the first time: You should find it is already unlocked for you during the evaluation period. Sending an email is only needed for people who have purchased Opus and later decided they'd like to evaluate the add-on after the evaluation period for Opus itself is over.)


You can enable an evaluation of Advanced FTP through the My Account page.


The original version I bought before upgrading to 12 was 11. My version of 11 had USB and FTP. I upgraded to 12 does that mean I should have it? Would it be evident to me looking at my "About Directory Opus 12" window if I did? Thanks


Scratch the post above. I see it says enabled next FTP Advanced: in my account. Thanks


I don't believe these are the same thing. Command line via SSH, would likely be SCP not SFTP. You would still need to set up an FTP server if you don't have one already.


Anything that does SSH and SCP over SSH will almost always also do SFTP over SSH.

I used SFTP via command line in SSH shells all the time.


I prob have my wires crossed :slight_smile:


Thinking of FTPS maybe? The SFTP vs FTPS names are quite confusing.


Directory Opus and its staff do not stop giving. Thank you so much :slight_smile: