ACD mPower tools integration

After years of happily ignorantly using WE I'm trying DOpus 9. Overwhelmed with all the (strange and technically demanding) settings but like it enough to peservere however there is one thing driving me crazy and I'm not sure even where to start looking for help. Problem is with ACD mPower tools which I'd like to continue to use. Right clicking on a folder pic file (as with WE) starts to show it invoked but the thumb-nail image that used to appear doesn't, only a blank thumb-nail box as possibly masks options in the drop-down box beneath. I can't drag the box out of the way. I believe I need to do something to integrate but am at a loss as to even where to begin looking. Can someone help this not technocally savvy DOpus newbie please?

I'm finding your description difficult to understand. Could you post a couple of screenshots showing what should happen (in Explorer) and what does happen (in Opus)?

Just add the screenshots as attachments to a reply. (Use the Post Reply button to get the full Reply form; don't use the Quick Reply form below this message.)