Acrobat PDF in the Viewer pane

I would like to view pdf files in the viewr pane, but all I see is an invitation to download a file that is already on my hard drive.
If I say no, then nothing happens,
If I say yes, then the file is loaded in AcroReader
Whatever I say, the viwer pane turns into something akin to MS Internet Explorer :frowning:

Any suggestions on how to see pdf in the viewer would be appreciated

Many Thanks


Try reinstalling Adobe Reader and make sure you don't deselect the browser integration / ActiveX plugin.

Re-installing Reader is no problem, but would the browser integration mean that I see pdf files in Firefox, rather than downloading them?

I download almost all pdf files, online reading is far too slow and cumbersome, I cannot access them offline at a later date, and cross-referncing their contents (Copernic) is impossible.

Surely Opus is not dependent on a web browser to view pdf files?

Opus is dependent on the same ActiveX control that is used to view PDFs inside web browsers.

However, since you're using Firefox you can configure it to always save PDFs to disk, rather than show them, (even though the ActiveX control is available) through Tools, Options..., Downloads. There are also Firefox extensions which will prompt you each time.

Nudel, thanks for the reply, but I am still a little confused...

Am I correct in thinking then that the activeX control uses the same settings for all applications (presumably buried in the registry) rather than the settings for the control being stored by the individual applications themselves?

This implies that a change through one application would effect all other applications on the same system!?! I thought that ActiveX controls were re-usable independently by different applications.

I take it that Opus will never be able to show pdf files using it's own set of options (but using the same ActiveX control), or is this something that is yet to be implemented?

It depends on the control really, but the Opus ActiveX Document Viewer Plugin doesn't get involved with ActiveX controls' settings, it just looks up which ActiveX control (if any) is registered to handle a given type of file and tells it to display them. How the settings work is up to the control itself.

Potentially the plugin could be changed to attempt to serialize controls before and after using them which sometimes persists any changes made to their settings but it doesn't at the moment and most controls don't have any (worthwhile) settings so I've never really thought about it before now.

Actually, ActiveX is a slightly special case since Adobe Reader 7 (is a horribly written POS that's full of bugs and assumptions that it's being hosted by IE and nothing else and) crashes inside the Opus ActiveX plugin, so the ActiveX plugin doesn't handle PDF files by default; instead there is another (older) plugin PDF-ActiveX which effectively hosts IE inside the viewer window which in turn hosts Adobe Reader. So in that case yes, it's always going to use the same control configuration as in IE. But is that a problem?

... to continue a long running saga about pdf

I have both Acrobat 6 and Reader 7 on my system

In Opus, using settings > filetypes I have arranged things so that by default pdf files are viewed in reader, but I can right click and edit a file using Acrobat 6. This seems to work fine.

What I would now like to do is get the viwer pane working but as to ActiveX and web browsers, things seem to get a little muddy...

Firefox will happily display a pdf within the browser (the acrobat 6 flash screen appears), IE and Opus view start loading Acrobat 6 which then crashes.

Acrobat reader 7 was actually the latest app to be installed, but somewhere a setting still points the browsers to Acrobat 6

The two browsers are obviously doing something different, and it is noticeable that it is IE that crashes rather than firefox.

I know that this is starting to go off topic as far as opus is concerned but does anybody know where in the registry IE stores the info as to what to do with a pdf file?

And why do you think that mozilla works where IE crashes? does it do something else, and could Opus be set up to do it the same way?

Mozilla may be using an old-style "Netscape plugin" if one was installed by Acrobat 6, although I believe it will also use ActiveX to view documents (maybe only if no Netscape plugin handles the file, which would explain why you're not seeing the crash in Mozilla).

On my system Adobe Reader 7 seems to have registered its ActiveX (DocObject) object under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID{5BB2200E-5672-4A32-902A-5A98DB1C58DC}