Activate FAYT Find mode with an explicit activation key

Similar to how you can activate a specific Find as you type mode with a single key, I'd like to activate the default Find mode with a single key without that key being typed into the FAYT bar

The reason for this is I'm using single keys for navigation (e.g., JK↑), so then I lose the ability to search files starting with J and K
I'l like to assign another key (e.g., F) to activate the Find mode of FAYT without F actually appearing in the text field. But the options don't allow specifying a trigger for this, only for all the other non-Find modes

Thank you

Try binding a hotkey to CLI QUICKFIND

Thanks! Could you please add this command to the FAYT help section so that it's easier to find?

This unfortunatley doesn't work since it interferes with an explicit FAYT shortcut
If I bind s to Search and then use this custom f shortcut to activate FAYT, then I can't type a word with S in it

I think the proper solution is to add an explicit shortcut key to the FAYT list for the default command as well (there is a shortcut when None is selected as the default, but then I only want to override a couple of keys, wouldn't want to lose all the find activators)