Active tabs are no longer highlighted

For some reason my active folder tab is no longer highlighted by default. I was doing some work on my custom Visual Style, and it seems that the tab highlighting got screwed up after applying a new version of it. I revereted back to the old version of my VS (which I knew for a fact was working perfectly with the DO tabs), but the problem didn't go away. I've even tried restarting both DO and my computer to no avail. I've found a temporary fix for this by enabling the custom tab colors in the display preferences, but the don't look quite as nice :frowning: . I believe DO draws the button highlighting color from your Visual Style for the tab highlighting, but I didn't make any changes to that value at all.

Surprise, surprise! Yet another problem...

DO will no longer show the context menu when I right click on the clickable file paths.

Temporary fix? Isn't this the onlyway to get/set folder tab colors for active tabs? I'm not aware of Dopus pulling colors for the active folder tab from 'Style' settings or any other display setting other than the one above created for this purpose in 8.2... The context menu thing sounds even stranger. When you say you "reverted back to the old version of your VS" what does this mean? Do you have an exported settings file (.dps) from before you were making any changes and first noticed this problem?

I could have sworn that DO was rendering my active tab a "whitish" color long before I ever tryed enabling the custom color setting. Unfortunately I don't have any exported settings files.

Basically what I do when I'm editing my visual style is compile a new .msstyles file everytime I change something (rather than overwrite the old one). This way I can still switch back to an older build if I screw something up. After I noticed the change in DO, I reapplied the previous version of my visual style. I've tried using the default XP blue theme since posting, but that didn't help anthything either.

It might be important to note that I've just noticed that the right click image panning in XnView no longer works all of a sudden. Assigning the same funtion to the left mouse button works fine though. I've also been getting a popup message every time I try to restart or shut down my computer that says that the process "WindowsFormsWindowParkingWindow" is still running. I guess this has something to do with .NET, which I installed recently. Other programs that I've recently installed are: AIM Triton (which I quickly uninstalled after realizing that its utter crap), TweakUI PowerToy, XnView, Defiler Pack (audio/video codec pack), The Tweaking Experience (registry tweaking program, installed but haven't run yet). I doubt that any of those programs are at fault here, but you never know.

edit: Found the culprit! It was actually StrokeIt, a mouse gestures program that I've been using for a few days now. It was probably falsely interpreting my actions as gestures. Holding down ctrl will ignore any gestures, so I guess that problem is solved.

edit2: on closer inspection, it looks like I somehow managed to screw up the "light3d" color setting in my theme's text file. I have no earthly idea how I managed to do such a thing, but I was able to correct the mistake and now my DO tabs are back to normal. Apparently XP's Luna theme doesn't make a distinction between active and inactive tabs. I'd highly reccomend that anyone who uses DO edit their XP theme to include a custom "light3d" value for the color of their active tabs. It really does look a lot cleaner than using the the cutom color preference.