ActiveScript (Windows Scripting Host) and Dopus

Let's face it: Dopus on Windows is only half as powerful as it was on AmigaOS. What is missing is the IPC scripting. This has, inspite of possibilities offered by the Windows Scripting Host's ActiveScript, not a real tradition on Microsoft Windows and is seldomly used, nearly never by power-users, as it was on the Amiga.

I know, that Dopus8 has a powerful command-set.
WSH & ActiveScript is gaining fields, especially at the desktop-level, things like DesktopSidebar and Kapsules are being implemented in ActiveScript, SeriousSamurize can do it and I could imagine, that more and more applications will support it, especially, when watching at the new VBScript version. (Or was that VBasic?!?).

For those, who don't know: Windows is scriptable. At the filesystem-level, at the desktop-level and the admin-level. In addition this scripting engine allows any program to be scriptable, as long as the programmer has implemented it with OLE automation and ActiveScripting in mind.

To achieve this, Windows comes with an ObjectOriented scripting host, that delivers an API, that then can be used by the scripts. This API seems to be sort of a library of functions, that all applications export to the hands of this scripting host.

Currently I know of these langauges to support this host (WSH, ActiveScript):

ActivePython (Python with W32 extensions and ActiveScript)
ActivePerl (same as for ActivePython, but Perl)
OpenObjectRexx (the OpenSource variant of IBMs ObjectRexx)
Ruby for Windows
Microsofts own JScript (Javascript actually) and
VBScript (sort of VisualBasic)

Now if Dopus would export its command-set to this host the users could use whatever of these languages (s)he is familiar with to expand Dopus' functionality.

For those who are not familiare with the Amiga version of Dopus and the benefits of a powerful inter-application scripting let me give you a simple example:

Since Outlook supports the WSH it could become possible to list all your mailfolders as a directory and, for example, open emails with attachments as archives and perform simple file-operations on them, just as you'd do, if these were real archives.

This would, of course, need Outlook to support listing of the mailfolder by ActiveScript (I don't know what commands Outlook supports) and building dynamic listers on Dopus with user-content. While this is an example of something nice, I would be satisfied already if Dopus would do ActiveScripting.

Don't worry, you're preachng to the converted and WSH (VBA, Perl, etc.) scripting is on the list of stuff to be added to Opus, it's just quite a big job to do it properly.

Wow, this is nice news to hear. And yes, I can imagine, this is quite some task. Especially when "conversion" comes so late. I can imagine all is done, umpf, well, "hidden" inside the code :wink:) Good luck, Jonathan and all involved.