Add a command to (mass-) expand/collapse folders

I use DOpus day by day - I also have many drives, with relatively small amount of folders, and I copy many files between them - so, for me, the most easiest way to do that is in Explorer view, all folders collapsed, and just drop the needed files.

But all the time I open DOpus, I have to expand all those drivers manually by pressing + next to them - It would be marvellous if there would be a command line, wich, for example, would expand all drivers automatically (other options would be 'expand all root folders' etc). A hotkey action would also be helpful - I guess these commands would be useful for a number of other purposes too.

Try holding num lock and pressing the "*" key on the numpad.
Numlock+Numpad - (minus) will collapse them again. The same thing works in Windows Explorer.

Is that what you meant?