Add Additional Info To Tooltip

Is there a way to expand the tooltip to also include the filename. The tooltip is useful, but as in the case below, it tells me everything that I can already see. I would rather see the long file name so I don't have to enlarge the display, then shrink it back down again.



Screenshot - 2023.09.01-19.58.28

Settings > File Types > [type] > Info Tip.

Doing it for All Files is the main one, but that is overridden by some of the other types/groups (e.g. Images, Documents, All Folders).

Leo already answered you, try going to: File Types (Prefs FILETYPES Button), select "All files", press the "Edit" button, select the "Information Tip" tab and write {name}

Thanks Leo, that worked just how I wanted it. And also thanks dasota for the answer.