Add confirmation before pasting clipboard text?

I like the feature that Directory Opus will help me create a "Clipboard Text.txt" when pasting text directly. However sometimes when I was not paying a lot of attention, I found that I might paste passwords and other sensitive information into file system without taking note.
Because I also don't use this feature very often, I think there's a quick solution to this:
Is it possible to add a confirmation message box before pasting text into file?

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If you change the paste command to Clipboard PASTE AS=ask it will prompt you before pasting text or graphics.

Thanks Jon - could you also help me find where to edit this command?

The main command is in the Edit menu, it's also in the context menu for the 'All files and folders' file type.

Settings -> Customize to edit the first one.
Settings -> File Types for the second.

I found the Paste command from Customize view - but I don't see how can I edit it:

And the File Types view on the context menu shows this:

Do I just modify this line or should I add the Clipboard PASTE AS=ask somewhere?

Her is the first commnd to edit in Customize mode (Settings - Customize).


And for the second command, just Modify the first line.

More options to choose from:!Documents/Clipboard.htm

After opening Customize mode, edit the menu item itself, in the main window.

(Not at my PC currently but can provide more detail later if you need it.)

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Sorry for belated reply - this helped! It still took me a minute to figure out how to trigger edit on the menu item, but it seems straightforward once I know. Thank you!