Add "Containing Text" highlighting to "Viewer Pane"

I use the "Find Files" -> "Containing text" search functionality a lot. Most of the time i get multiple files as a result for the search. To actually see the context for the searched text i have to open the files individually and do a search again (for example using notepad++ or in the "Viewer Pane"). It would be really neat if Directory Opus showed me where it found the text in the "Viewer Pane" by highlighting the specific lines with a specific color (for example yellow). There could also be some functionality to jump from one occurrence of the search text to the next in the "Viewer Pane" (with buttons and a log of results like notepad++ does with "Find All in Current Document"). The current "Viewer Pane" already has functionality to search for text but it would be more convenient if it was done automatically when using the "Find Files" functionality.