Add Customize Tab Context-Menu

When I right click a tab, I hate having to move the mouse so far down to set the lock and use the sub-menu when I only use one of the lock-features... As other menus are currently editable, the right-click tab context-menu should be editable too..

Try holding down the Alt button, while left-clicking on the tab. This will cycle through all available lock modes.

But then I have to click it 3 times; sure it can be done quickly but it isn't just about lock-status... I'd like the ability to modify that context menu to add other things and move others around or remove them entirely.

You can't edit that particular menu, but if holding Alt and double-clicking (or similar) doesn't suit, then you could make a toolbar button or hotkey which runs Go TABLOCK=toggle,lockchanges (or similar, depending on the desired type of lock) which would toggle the lock on and off which each press.