Add file name list to collection from clipboard


I often have a full path file name list like e.g. this


in the clipboard and want to add the list into a collection.

I tried to save the clipboard into a file and created a button with this (as in the documentation).

dopusrt /col import /create /nocheck /utf8 "Test" "M:\Tracks\test.m3u8"

but what ever I tried - it didn't work - after I've noticed that dopusrt can't open the import file because it was opened in the editor (no error message!). Maybe this could be changed within dopusrt?

Finally it's not so elegant to save the file names into a fixed file name and have a button with this fixed filename incl. fixed collection name.

It would be much more easier to add the list from clipboard into the selected/opened file collection. Is this possible? Maybe I've overseen something.

I'm using latest DO 11. Or maybe a new solution in DO 12?


Scripts can access the clipboard and are probably the logical choice here.

Button: Paste empty file list is a good starting point if you need an example of reading a list of files from the clipboard.

Thanks leo - yes I've seen this.

I've thought there is something like "clipboard PASTEFROMFILENAMELIST" :wink: