"Add Folder" dialog very slow for network drives - trying to display all folders when path is pasted

Applies to the "Add New Favorite" or "Add Folder Tab" dialogs.

We have a network drive with over 6,000 folders (can't do anything about it unfortunately). Directory Opus loads it quickly without any problems in the listers, but the smaller folder dialogs hang for a minute or two.

I was trying to add folder tabs by pasting the path in, but unfortunately it still hangs:

Note: just that dialog box hangs, the actual lister is fine.

If you click the button to the right of the folder path field, the tree below will be hidden, and you should be able to paste the path into the dialog without delay.

Ha wow, easy. Thanks!

Why does it hang when the lister handles it fine?

We'll try to improve this in the next update. Thanks for the report!

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Hi - I'm on 12.6.2 beta now. I meant to follow up earlier, but have been busy.

Unfortunately, it still hangs a lot while loading those folders. I think it is maybe 15-30 seconds faster but I didn't time the 12.6 release properly. While it isn't a high priority, I was wondering if you are still working on improving the performance, or maybe a work around of some sort?

For reference, the network drive has ~6,400 folders. And again, just clicking the drive will load all the folders instantly, but this dialog hangs for about 2 mins before it'll load them.