Add "open with" right click option to standalone viewer

As per the post title, how do I do that? In all other viewers I've used your right click on the image and get the open with menu.

I need to open images in photoshop - often. If I'm going to use the dopus viewer as default I need this to work.

You could try a slightly different approach if you work a lot with images.

I have set Left Double Click on the Images File Type group to Show

When I double click on an image it opens in the Opus Viewer.

I have a button on the Viewer toolbar to launch the file in Photoshop using the command

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018\Photoshop.exe {filepath$)

I find it works well for me.

Thanks for your reply. I'd already tried to add a button and failed. When you said you had done it I tried again, and after some searching in the help files I was reminded that you can drag a shortcut onto a toolbar to create a button. So, it works. Appreciate your help.

Is there no way to get the standard jpg right click menu to work in the viewer, as it's useful. I've been looking at context menu options in dopus but cannot figure it out.

I don't think you can add the entire menu, but you can add the Open With option (Filetype OPENWITHMENU) or the Send To menu (Filetype SENDTOMENU).

That worked - thanks. I added both. I now have 3 solutions to this problem :grinning:

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I managed to add an open in standalone viewer to the right click menu very easily.

Open up the filetypes and then chose the images group.

Choose the Context menu and add a new item

The command you need to type in is simply


While I was at it I added another item to to let me open another image in a new image window (very useful when you want to compare edits)

The command for that is simply:


I have to say I fins this incredibly useful.

Thanks for posting this. I wasn't looking to do that, but I've done it anyway, and it's going to be very useful. I also learned some things. I had no idea how to edit the file types context menus until you posted that.