Add queue'ed icon to items that is currently being processed?

Hi forum,

I have an scenario which could be helped if we can add the queue'ed icon to the item that is currently being processed.

The scenario is something like this:
Let's say I have a folder where there's a bunch of large filee which is generated by some random software. I need to transfer the file to another location for further processing, and after it is done I need to rename it to archive. I could be doing this for multiple items in the folder.
When the file is queue'ed for transfer, I do see an icon on it so I won't try to rename it. However for the one that is currently in transfer I won't see anything on the list view to indicate it is in processing, so sometimes I try to rename it and of course it would fail.

I believe the simplest solution is to also add the queue'ed icon to the item in processing. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks and happy holidays!

That is implemented in the Opus 13 beta.

That's great to know! Thank you!