Add Selected Files and Folders to Favorites

Add To Favorites (selected objects)


The default Favorites ADD raw command button only adds the currently listed folder in the active lister to the Opus Favorites List. Thus, you must actually open each folder you want to add to your Opus Favorites, before you may add it.

This button makes adding several subfolders (or files) inside a folder or collection to the Opus Favorites List much easier. This button adds all selected objects (files or folders) in the current lister to the Opus Favorites list. Thus, you can add as many subfolders (or files) as you select in the current lister at one time, with a single mouse click! If no objects are selected, this button does nothing.


This button uses the Directory Opus command: Favorites ADD PATH="path to file or folder" to add all selected files and folders to the Opus Favorites List.

Button code and installation:

  • Copy the code below into the clipboard:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<button display="both" effect="gray" label_pos="right">
	<label>Add To Favorites (selected objects)</label>
	<tip>Adds all selected files and folders in active lister pane to your list of DOpus favorites.</tip>
	<function type="normal">
		<instruction>Favorites ADD PATH={filepath$}</instruction>
  • Right-click an empty space on any Opus toolbar and select Customize from the resulting context menu. (Alternatively, use Settings > Customize Toolbars.)

  • Once in Customize mode, right-click on the desired destination toolbar or menu and select Paste from the resulting context menu.

  • Exit the Customize dialog, and test the command.