Add to Sequence - system-wide


I would like to add a keyboard shortcut as a system-wide setting using the Add to Sequence. However, Add to Sequence seems to be available only if not system-wide. Do I understand correctly? It would be very useful to be able to have system-wide for this.


System-wide hotkeys cannot be multi-sequence. I don't think there is a sensible way to do that in Windows.

OK. Shame. Thanks for replying.

You could make a system-wide hotkey that triggers a script, and have the script open a pop-up menu of choices. That's probably the closest thing.

(Could also have a system-wide hotkey which activates a lister, which could then respond to other normal hotkeys, but I'm assuming you want something like <Ctrl+Shift+X>, with something hard to type to activate it, then a single letter for the rest. That wouldn't work well as you wouldn't want to override what normal letters do in listers.)

Those are not bad ideas and I'll look into this, Leo. And I appreciate the extra time you gave this - thanks.

Just so you know, I'm actually looking for an easier way to trigger remote control sessions in TeamViewer without having to open the app and double-click on one of the many PCs I need to connect to from time to time. The command line is;

teamviewer.exe -i -p

So having an add sequence capability would have been great.

Anyway, thanks again - I'll look into those and other options too.