Add to Transfer Queue and others

would be nice when dragging and dropping files, to maybe add to a queue instead of open a new transfer, so the hdd does need to access 4 sets of file transfers at once, and do it all in 1 queue, with pause, stop, and play functions. also the speed of transfer would be cool

makes transfering alot faster seeing as it only seeks out 1 file

each favouriet as a button would be cool, and/or the existing favourites button to be hover over instead of click, and each button can be folders, giving a few levels of depth

right click send to destination, single level not under the send too menu would be nice, though thats probably in there not sure where though?

hold down right mouse button and use the scroll wheel to either scroll through tabs, or bring up a tab list and scroll though that, and goto the selected tab on right click release (firefox:D)