Add Wildcard and/or Regular Expression to More Filter fields

I have just attempted to use a filter to find photos created by social media applications using the 'Creation Software' field.
I can only find them if I know the exact name used in the Creation Software field.
For example, there is 'Facebook' and 'Facebook for iPhone/iPad', and other variations as well.

Please add wildcard and /or regular expressions options to those and other fields.

Similarly, you cannot search for 'iPhone' using the 'Camera Model' field. You need to know the exact model, like 'iPhone 6'.
You can't search for 'Photoshop' in the 'Creation' software field - you need to know the exact version to get results.

I am sure this is true for many other filter fields.

All the string fields in the filter control support standard wildcards if there's no explicit option, so e.g. iPhone* should work.