Adding in additional viewers

In order to have the viewer pane display the contents of various program's files, I understand it is necessary to have the necessary software/viewer to accomplish this.

I have used Quickview Plus in the past, on my old machine. And it did allow me to view WordPerfect 12 files.

I now am using my new Windows 7 machine, so I plan to buy Quickview Plus 10, which will certainly enhance Opus 9's viewer's capabilities. I will of course install Quickview Plus 10.

Oops, I just called Avanstar, and they stated that ver 10 does not support Windows 7 - so that option is now out the window. They stated that version 11 will support Windows 7. But their upgrade pricing will not apply to my older version at that time.

So, do I have any other choices to view WordPerfect 12 files in the viewer pane of Opus 9?

I don't know what they mean when they say version 10 of Quickview Plus "does not support Windows 7". It works fine here. But I still do 32-bit.

They stated clearly that version 10 does not work in Windows 7. I am using the 64 bit version of Windows 7, so possibly they meant that.

I normally make it clear that I use the 64 bit version, but I don't recall if I specifically said that I was in the 64 bit version on this call.

Ron Hirsch

Note that 32-bit QVP DLLs will not work within 64-bit Opus (at least at the moment).

Hi Leo,

Thanks for the info. When I spoke to Avanstar, they said that they were coming out with version 11 of QVP. But they did not state that this would indeed be a 64 bit version.

Since there are lots of Windows 7 installs out there that are 32 bit, and lots of software that is Windows 7 "compatible", it may well be that their version 11 could be just that.

I will call them again this coming week to get the info.

I don't suppose that there are any "viewers" out there that would work for WP files in Opus 9 64 bit. This is really the only added viewer that I wouild like to have

I see that Opus does display Word and Excel files, so I assume that this is via the viewers provided by Opus.

Switching to Win 7 64 at this point in time has created lots of issues re drivers and 64 bit compatibility. When I decided to build this new machine, I felt that 64 bot is the way to go, as the RAM is no longer limited to 3 GB or so, and the future of PC computing is definitely 64 bit.

But at this point in time, all the Cd's and drivers that came with hardware are only good for coasters, as virtually no one has updated their packages to include 64 bit stuff.

If I had it to do over, I'd have waited at least another 6 -12 months for this build. It's an ongoing battle to get hardware and software installed properly.


Opus's display of Word and Excel files also depends on 3rd party viewers, but Word and Excel both come with those viewers (and they're very good viewers now, from Office 2007 onwards) so everyone who has Office installed has the viewers automatically.

(There are also some other MS Office document viewers which people can install without having to buy MS Office, and the free OpenOffice suite can also be used to view MS Office documents within Opus. Not sure if OpenOffice can also open/view WordPerfect docs.)

I don't know what the state of play with WordPerfect is. If the product is still being seriously developed then I would expect them to already be providing a preview handler which would work in Explorer and Opus, on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems.

Vista is three years old now and was the start of 64-bit becoming mainstream (though that didn't happen for real until Windows 7; now Dell etc. ship machines with 64-bit Windows 7 by default so it can't be ignored). Preview handlers automatically bridge the gap between 32-bit and 64-bit (unless you're Adobe and don't install them properly, but that's another story), and preview handlers are very easy to write, so there's not much excuse for a company not to provide them for their document formats by now...

I'm not sure waiting 6-12 months would help. Maybe Corel have some big improvements planned but to me it looks like they're not keeping WordPerfect up-to-date.

(FWIW, According to Wikipedia, WordPerfect still lacks Unicode support which is another bad sign for a document editor.)

Hi Leo,

When I referred to the 6-12 months wait - I was not just referring to the WP viewers et al. I was referring to the general situation in the computer world with compatibility of 32 bit and 64 bit "stuff".

WP12, which is of course some years old, does function OK on Win 7 64, with several caveats. It did take me quite a while to iron out the bugs and pot holes. I would have upgraded to X4 now, if that would have solved all the issues. But WP X4 has been around for a while, and X5 is in the works - hopefully. Corel has had some bad times, and they were taken over last year.

I have done substantial customization of both WP and QP, and I have many hundreds of pages of elaborate macros for both. Excel is supposed to be pretty good, but Word is not as good as WP. This is the opinion of many in the outside world, including me. Hey, if all my macros could be converted, I would consider moving. If corel does not survive, they WP & QP could die on the vine.

I do have MS OFfice 2007 installed. So that may be why their viewers in Opus are so good.

The main reason I wanted the WP viewer, is to go through the huge folder tree of WP files, and get rid of those which I no longer need. But having to open each file to do that is just too much work. So I may just take that whole folder tree, and use one of my other XP computers which uses a somewhat ancient file manger (nowhere near Opus). But it does have WP viewing capabiity, probably due to QuickView, which is installed on that machine.


If you have Win 7 Pro/Ultimate and the right CPU (VMA) you might try Windows XP Mode to install Opus x86 and your viewers.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Yes, I do have Win 7 64 Pro, and I have already installed the Virtual Machine, and Window XP SP3 in it, as well a a couple of legacy programs.

What you suggest would probably work. But, everytime I wanted to use that install, I would have to go into XP Mode.

My experience with XP Mode has not been good. Numerous of the legacy programs, 32 bit, and some 16 bit, that run very well on my other XP machines, did not run properly in XP Mode. And some refused to even install. I was hoping for better, as XP mode did seem like a great idea, but it was a big disappointment.

The only viewer that I really wanted was for WordPerfect. So I'll just bide my time, and hope that version Corel's WP X5 is written to provide viewer capability, like MS Office has done. Or, when QuickView Plus 11 comes out, hopefully it will be 64 bit compatible.

Thanks again.