Adding shortcuts to right click context menu option?

When I go to the desktop (Windows XP) I'm able to right click and select one of the options in the right click menu for Directory Opus. These include New Lister, Opus Preferences, and Lister Layouts. This is all well and good...but I'm wondering if there might be a way to add your own personal choice to this menu? Wouldn't it be possible to add one of your own choice?

For example...instead of cluttering the desktop with shortcuts to files or folders - wouldn't it be neat to add a shortcut to your files or folders with the right click context menu like DOpus gives? This way I could right click the desktop and select my favorite file to launch the associated application for that file. Can I do this?

I don't think it's easy to add items to the desktop right click menu. But I found some info using google:

Add Any Application to the Desktop Right-Click Menu in Vista: ... -in-vista/

XP (not recommended):
A Complete Tutorial to Customize Desktop Context Menu in Windows XP: ... ce-hacker/

Alternatively, you could also use DOpus floating toolbars:
(and use a system-wide hotkey): [Shortcut popup menu. is it posible?)