Additional click events

Would it be possible to add additional events to the file types settings to handle multiple modifier keys in combination with mouse clicks? I would really like to be able to use ctrl+shift+double-click and ctrl+alt+double-click.

As one example, for folder double-clicks I have (this is probably default):
shift => open new
ctrl => openindual
alt => newtab
It would be great to have ctrl+alt => openindual,newtab (assuming that actually opens the folder in a new tab in the "other" lister).

Somebody has mentioned previously (I can't remember who/where) the possibility of context menu overrides; I would like to add that I would also find that useful. If the menu customisation allowed you to create unbound, named context menus, you could then assign (for example) ctrl+rightclick => show image conversion menu for image files, alt+rightclick => show windows-only context menu for all files/folders etc.

Would anyone else find this useful?

Incidentally, I still feel a dedicated drag source in power mode would be nice, so as to initiate a drag-drop of the existing selection without changing it and without using the keyboard...

None of these are bad ideas.

However, if you're already reaching for the keyboard then you could use a hotkey set to pop open a "menu" (floating toolar) or toolbar. You can make toolbars which automatically close as soon as a button is clicked, so they work a lot like menus.

They aren't quite the same as menus, of course, but maybe it's a useful idea. It certainly works for me!

Hey sch29... yeah I would find this sort of thing useful. I think I 'might' have been one of the ppl that made some comments about context menu overrides with additional key combo events such as what you've described... it was in response to others asking for some sort of compatability mode with Mmm+ context menu manager app.