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Additional license


I've another Question:

At the moment I'm using DOpus on my desktop PC and my Laptop. I want to use it on my netbook, too.
IMHO I need an addition license, to use it legally. On your homepage I found 2 different prices:
[li]If I use Buy => Upgrades and select Dual Machine license in the Licences Required field it gives $40 AUD as price:

[quote]Order Details Price
Directory Opus 10 $129.00
DIRECTORY OPUS PRO DUAL Less Discount: $99.00 -
Advanced FTP x 1 $10.00
GST (Sales Tax): $0.00
Total: $40.00[/quote][/li]
[li]If I use My Account => Add Licences and select the upgrade to 2 licenses it gives $51.95 AUD as price.[/li][/ul]
Which one is the right one?
Do I need to pay for an additional Advanced FTP license? On my netbook no FTP is needed.

Thank you.


The Buy => Upgrades page is for upgrading existing licences from Opus 9 (or earlier) to Opus 10, or from Opus Light to Opus Pro.

So it's the My Account => Add Licences page which you want, unless it's an Opus 9 licence you're updating.

Advanced FTP is tied to all licences so it should be included automatically. To have separate licences, some with it and some without, I think you would need to create a separate standalone purchase.