Address bar greyed paths after folder change

I believe I found a minor bug in DO.

Here is how to reproduce it:

  1. Create a folder anywhere and give it any name. In this example It's "C:\Users\MyFolder"
  2. Create a folder with the same name somewhere else. In this example It's "D:\Desktop\MyFolder"
  3. Create a button or a shortcut that would take you directly to "D:\Desktop"
  4. Go to the folder created in step 1 "C:\Users\MyFolder"
  5. Use the button/shortcut created in step 3 to jump to "D:\Desktop"

Look at the address bar, it's showing "MyFolder" in "D:\Desktop\MyFolder" grayed out suggesting you came from there which is not true.


Not a bug. It lets you change folders and then quickly go into the same named sub-folder which you had come from in the previous location.

You can turn it off via nopreservepath in the Breadcrumb Configuration:

Specify this keyword if you wish to keep ghost paths when going up a level but prevent them from remaining when you switch into a new directory that has the same folders below it.

I'm aware of this feature and I use it quite often. It's not the case here.
I think you misread my post.
If I go from "C:\Users\MyFolder" to "D:\Desktop" then why would "D:\Desktop\MyFolder" be grayed out and marked as I came from there when I didn't?

Read again:

when you switch into a new directory that has the same folders below it.

It's intentional.

It'll only happen if the ghost folder below the path you were in has the same name as a folder below the new path you navigate to.

You can turn off that aspect of ghost paths if you don't like it (without having to turn off ghost paths entirely), but it definitely isn't a bug.

Alright. Thanks