Adjusting colors

After watching the two (of 4) new videos I was finally able to adjust most of my color scheme to what I want. However there are still a couple of issues that I need help with. I am using 12.9. The title bar (very top section of window that changes color when window is selected/unselected) is still not the colors I would like. Can this be changed in my version? If not will it be changeable in 12.10?

The other color is the background color of a toolbar icon when it is selected. I was able to adjust the background color of the entire toolbar, and I thought that the selected color of that would change the color of the background when I select one of the icons, but after I changed the color I thought would control that, the previous color was still being used. The Selected color seems to change the color of the lines between sections of the toolbar.

Window titlebar colors are controlled by Windows. We don't custom-draw the titlebar at all. There's a registry setting to change the inactive titlebar color, for all (standard) applications, which is discussed here:

12.10 lets you edit the toolbar hot and pushed colors, as well as several other important changes for dark themes. You can download it here: Directory Opus 12.10


I downloaded 12.10 and still cannot get colors correct. Looking at "toolbar and menu defaults", changing the Highlight color changes the color of the lines between sections NOT the color when I move the mouse over a toolbar icon. What preference controls the color of the toolbar icon background when I mouse over it?

Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Toolbar and menu defaults: Selected and Toggled.


I tried changing those two preferences. They had been set to transparent. I changed them to a color. NO difference in the background color when I mouse over a toolbar or menu item. The background color DOES change - when I mouse over the toolbar items, just not to the color I selected. I did notice that SELECTED changes the background color of the menu item in the PULLDOWN list as I move over it and the TOGGLED changes the background color of menu items in the pulldown list that are toggled ON. ALSO note that when I scroll down the menu pulldown list the TEXT color of the selected item changes to white - which makes it unreadable with the light background color. How do I keep the text black? Note that I still do not have the answer to my original question. How to change the background color of a tool icon or menu item when the mouse is over it (like the word TOOLS on the list of menu items).

Is Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance / Use Office 2003-style for toolbars turned on? Turn it off, if so. It overrides the other colors.

(That is a legacy setting at this point, which we're thinking about removing.)


NO, it is not turned on.

Looking at it some more, those colors are only currently used if the Text color is set to a bright color. (They were added for themes using dark backgrounds.)

That doesn't really make sense so we'll change it, but it may explain why they weren't working for you. Apologies for that.


Thanks. Just to be complete: This has grown to several issues. The preferences to control the background color when mousing over tool icons or menu names. The font color for selected items in a pulldown menu (as one scrolls down the list of options).

On a related note, it would be helpful if there were a diagram (picture) of a Dopus window with numbered arrows pointing to every part of the window. I could find the line/section of the screen I want to change, note the number and look at the diagram's Key to see where I need to go within preferences to change the foreground color, background color, font color, font style/size, etc. of that line/section.

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