Adjusting dragheight/dragwidth to reduce drag and drop sensitivity

I'm guessing this is already answered somewhere, my search mojo is just broken. I'm in your trial period and am very interested in program, but i'm running into a constant problem. I keep accidentally drag and dropping a file/folder into a file/folder near it and then going hunting on where it went. I adjusted dragheight/dragwidth in the windows registry to fix my problem on desktop files, but it doesn't seem to work in Directory Opus. I assume you have a setting somewhere to adjust that sensitivity or a different solution? I don't want to do the confim/deny dialog box to pop up everytime I move a file, I just don't want to drag a file on accident to a neighboring folder (in details few especially.)


What was the setting you changed? I can check if we use it in the code, and add it if needed.

Have you restarted Opus after changing it? (Opus usually stays running in the background by default, if you just close its windows, but you can exit it via File > Exit Directory Opus.)

Note that there is also an option to disable drag & drop into subfolders unless Ctrl (copy) or Shift (move) are held down, to prevent accidental dragging into folders. Or some people configure the drag and drop to show a confirmation dialog before doing anything. If you want either of those let me know and I'll detail what to do.