"Admin" Button Not Responding

I have noticed since I started testing the last two beta releases that after Directory Opus restarts after the upgrade that the "Admin" button is in the active state and I am unable to click on it to turn it off.

The only way that I have found to fix it is to either completely shut down Directory Opus or reboot the computer.

Directory Opus Admin Button_

I'm currently running version 12.25.4 Build 7998 Beta.

It's almost certainly because you've launched the program elevated, so you're already in Admin mode for the whole process and cannot elevate individual windows.

For other ways to detect if the whole process is elevated (and why it's a made idea), see Why NOT to run Opus as Administrator under UAC (link should go to the "Quick ways to see if Opus is elevated" section).

I don't know how Directory Opus would be running elevated. It starts with Windows and is always running.
But, I think I ran the installer elevated to upgrade to the latest beta version.

The installer won't run it elevated (if it can help it).

Does it say ADMINISTRATOR in the titlebar?

It doesn't say ADMINISTRATOR in the titlebar now, Leo as I have already restarted Directory Opus and the problem doesn't currently exist.

What I'll do is run the installer elevated again and see if that's what the problem is.

Running the installer elevated is the cause.
For some reason, Directory Opus restarts elevated if you run the installer elevated.
I also tested running the installer without being elevated, and the problem doesn't occur.

Directory Opus ADMINISTRATOR - Admin Button

It says "ADMINISTRATOR" in the titlebar in your screenshot.

The installer always runs elevated. It would be unusual for it not to.