Administrative Tools not opening correctly


Trying to open Admin Tools from Control Panel opens the following path in an Opus lister, instead of the module:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools

Any ideas how to fix this? Trying to get to the Services Management, but can't, because of that...


PS Really great program!

Administrative Tools is just a directory, within the All Users Start Menu, with some shortcuts in it, and the Administrative Tools icon in Control Panel simply opens that directory, so I don't see anything wrong there. What's stopping you from double-clicking the Services shortcut?

You can add that path to the list of folders which Opus should not handle but the only difference will be that the same path opens in an Explorer Window instead of an Opus window.

(I assume we're talking about 32-bit Vista here. If you're using 64-bit Vista then there may be something strange going on.)

Ah yes, you're right in that. My problem is that the directory it opens only contains one shortcut, Local Security Policy - and nothing more.

Can anyone tell me what the Services Management console path is supposed to be?

Thanks for the reply,

PS 32bit indeed!


Ah, there you go. So it's probably an OS problem rather than DO's...

Thanks so much!