Adobe Acrobat DC reinstalling itself EVERYTIME I start DO

Hey Leo! Hope this finds you well.
I ahve been having a weird issue that everytime I launch DO, Adobe Acrobat installer begins its process. I usually keep a few DO windows open, but when I run large programs or big process large datasets, I try to only keep on DO open. It happens once or twice a day, that I sometimes, close the DO program. As soon as I launch it again, the whole process repeat; even the few time a week my computer has to be rebooted.
Any suggestion as to where to look? Windows use to have a startup folder, but not anymore.

I would try completely uninstalling all Acrobat-related software, then reinstalling it.

It sounds like something that can go wrong with Acrobat's updater, possibly if multiple versions of it were installed at once, but I'm not really sure since I don't work on or support Acrobat.

Opus itself would not be explicitly asking Acrobat to install anything, but Acrobat may be responding to a request from Opus (e.g. to generate a thumbnail for a PDF file, perhaps) by thinking it (or the version of it that's registered as the thumbnail handler (or whatever component is triggering the install) is not fully installed and needs repairing or needs a missing component installing.

If you're still stuck, ask Adobe for support as we can only really guess about what or why their software is doing things.

This thread suggests it's a problem other people have seen, and doesn't always involve Opus:

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