Advance rename for multiple selection

When multiple files are selected and from the right-click context menu the option rename is chosen, inline rename is invoked for one right-selected file. This is certainly incorrect because for multiple selection the advance rename option should be used. Of course, I can make an extra item in context menu for the multiple selection but it would be much better if the inline rename is invoked if one file is selected and advance rename is invoked when multiple files are selected. I could not find how to do this. Is it possible?
Best regards, Toller

By default the context menu rename for all files and folders uses:

rename "%2" INLINE="%1"

Whilst you can change this to invoke advanced rename, there's no mechanism for performing different actions depending on number of files selected.

You could create a second rename function - and then just manually choose whichever suits your purposes.

Hello Tanis,
Thank you for quick response. While I have already made an extra item in the context menu for advance rename, it would be much better to avoid the clutter by having possibility to perform some actions (not only rename) based on how many files are selected. In my example, inline rename of the multiple selection has no sense – files are selected to perform operations on all of them.

If you want to have just a single option, why not change the context menu to always use advanced rename?

That's not necessarily true. It could well be that someone has selected a load of files for a copy/move function but wants to quickly rename one or two without invoking Copy/Move As for all of them. Inline does have it's place in this situation.

If you want to formalise your request then make sure you post it to

I need both rename options. The problem is that IMHO there is no sensible reason to use the “advance remain” with one selected file, while using ”inline rename” has no sense for multiple selection. Now I have two items in the context menu – “rename” and “advance rename”, which are used with one file and multiple file selections, respectively.

Whereas I can admit that somebody can work in this manner, it does not look very logical workflow for me. I repeat that in general, the multiple selection is made to perform some operation (copy, move, rename etc.) on all selected files. For example, if you select multiply files and then invoke copy command from the context menu, all selected files will be copied. Why does the rename command from the context menu work differently?


That's not a very good analogy. The rename command on the context menu specifically invokes inline rename. When you invoke the copy function it copies all selected files, irrespective of whether one or many are selected. What you are saying is that you want the rename command to behave differently depending on the number of files selected - so in fact, totally different to what copy does :slight_smile:

The advanced rename dialog works perfectly well with just one file selected - you don't need to use wildcards and scripts, you can just as easily type in the new name yourself and hit return.

While it is absolutely not important I cannot agree with your arguments.
First, rename command independently how it is invoked (inline or through dialog), is doing always the same thing – it changes a name of file(s). Copy command in this regard is not different – it copies file(s). We can imagine the following scenario (who knows, maybe it will be implemented in the Dopus): if only one file is selected – it is copied immediately and if multiple files are selected then copy command put them in queue waiting when network load is low.
Second, you are absolutely right that the advanced rename dialog works perfectly well with just one file selected but it has IMHO no any added value in comparison with inline rename. Why then to use it for a single file?
Best regards, Toller

Just because you personally don't have a use for a function don't presume that everyone else will be the same. It's very conceivable that someone might want to rename one file using File Information Fields for a variety of reasons. There are many more reasons why someone would invoke advanced rename for a single file I'm sure.

Your workflow is obviously different to others, that doesn't mean you're right and everyone else is wrong though.

Make a suggestion on the official site.

You can use the down and up keys to select which file's name to edit so it kinda works like it's supposed to. I agree that it is not perhaps the most convenient way to work.

I prefer setting a keyboard shortcut for advanced rename. No menu clutter, easy to invoke.

Tanis wrote:

Are you using the advance rename in this way or it is only in your imaginative application?. Honestly saying, I don’t know anybody who is doing a rename operation on a single file in this way. Probably, I have completely wrong sample and majority of Dopus users prefer to use advanced rename for a single file. I can admit that somebody could become very proficient in using the advance rename tool that he prefers to use it all time even for single file. While for me it is still completely unclear the reason for doing simple tasks in very complicated way, I propose to stop this obsolete discussion.
BTW, please read my post more carefully, I did not require changing default order of invoking the rename operation. I simply ask the possibility to change this default order, which is IMHO is illogical. Moreover, writing statements like this

implies that you know the workflow of all other users that is quite doubtful.

I use the advanced rename dialog on single files fairly often, usually to apply a rename preset to them.

I never rename via the context menu though. If I want inline rename I press F2 or click the file twice. If I want advanced rename I click the toolbar button.

IMO, if a button's action was completely different (inline vs advance rename dialog) depending on the number of files selected that would be a bit strange, to me, but if such an option were added (via some kind of argument) to make a few people happy then I wouldn't be against it either. So far I think you're the first and only person to bring it up, though.

Hello Nudel,
Now I start to understand why we are so orthogonal in our opinions. The reason is our different background. What I am trying to explain you is a normal way of working of the rename operation in the context menu of the Total Commander: if one file is selected – inline rename is invoked, when a few files are selected – the renaming dialog is invoked with possibility to use wild cards etc. And this seems for me and vast majority of users of the Total Commander as a logical method to do file renaming. I am quite surprised that I am the first person here talking about this.

Sure but the users of Total Commander also like the windows 3.1 look so their opinion is tainted at the least... :slight_smile:

I didn't know TC worked that way but AFAIK you really are the first to mention it. (Unless my memory is faulty or people mentioned it direct to GPSoft but not here in the forums.)

If other people (used to TC) who want this change then this is the time to speak up! The more people who want it the more likely it is to be added.

I didn't know TC worked that way but AFAIK you really are the first to mention it[/quote]
It brings me to conclusion that I am a solitary defector from the TC camp here. :slight_smile:

I didn't know TC worked that way but AFAIK you really are the first to mention it[/quote]
It brings me to conclusion that I am a solitary defector from the TC camp here. :slight_smile:
No, there are others, but each person seems to want different TC features/quirks added to Opus (but not all of them). :slight_smile:

What Toller was asking for, but failed to mention, is to make the F2 key Context Sensitive (for one file it continues to work as it current does, two or more files and the Rename dialog box is brought up).

Another thing that was not mentioned is that F2 is currently useless when multiple files are selected. It only allows renaming the last file selected (unless I missed something).

It seems to me that a Context Sensitive F2 could not hurt and would actually make a lot more sense than only allowing renaming a single file.

But; what do I know :question:


Toller asked for this in the first message in this topic.

It's not useless just because you don't use it - I often use F2 this way and take advantage of Opus maintaining the cursor position as I use the arrow keys to move down through a list of files - handy to remove a single character or two from a small number of files - quicker than coming up with a specific rename to do the job.