Advanced Copy - Copy, verify, delete original

Hi there,

I'm wondering if there is any way to assert the following behaviour in opus:

Lister A contains source files
Lister B contains destination directory

I would like to copy from A to B, then verify that the files match (EG no write errors have occurred) and then if all is well, delete the originals.

I have used the syncronise panel to "Compare" byte for byte files in a source and destination lister, but would like to know if making that comparison automatic is possible.

The deletion is optional I guess, but leaving the original files selected so they can be easily deleted would be a bonus.

Kindest regards,

Unfortunately, there is no raw command access to the power of the Synchronize Utility. I have already file a feature request that includes this.

I'm not sure how Opus verifies its file writes. I have never thought to ask.
I don't see anything in the raw commands that resembles the XCopy /v switch.

Perhaps somebody else could shed light on this?