Advanced Rename Button (Capitalise, number, formats...)

It was so obvious. You're awesome Leo. I have updated the first post & add the code to attachment.

version update to 2.0.2

  • some code improvement & bug fixes in cleanup regex

see first post to download

I'm wondering what is the adavantage to run both scripts ([1] Book Title Caps.orp and [2] Cleanup.orp) whle doing the cleanup?

"Book Title Caps" is useful in other language than english or for adding prepositions that mustn't be uppercased. By default, DOpus 'uppercase' option in advanced rename dialog isn't powerful as "Book Title Caps".

You're free to use it or not.

New Release post #1

2008.09.09 - TEST - EXEMPLE. EXT


2008.09.09 Test - Exemple. ext

instead of

2008.09.09 - Test - Exemple. ext

I have a file named PruebA v5.6.0.
The Cleanup button rename it to Prueba V5.6.0
How can i rename the file but not the "v" from version?


I'll post an update today that fixes that & other things. Just wait :wink:

updated to version 3.0

have fun

i run the bat file to install it and i get a red screen that flashes briefly, nothing seems to happen

by the way i don't know anything about how to run scripts


Run a batch is like run an ".exe", double click on it.

I said it will properly run on XP. I don't know anything about vista or seven but its annoying UAC.

[quote="fred"]Just run [2] to install renaming presets.
(Note: Path in batch will be ok for XP only, modify them to run in Vista or Seven)

The batch is designed to copy Presets\English or Presets\French contents to C:\Documents and Settings[USER]\Application Data\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Rename Presets (on XP) if the path exists.

If the batch doesn't work for you, manually copy Presets\English contents in the destination folder above if you run XP.

The destination path on vista or seven (or XP) can be directly accessed in DOpus by writing in the path field (address toolbar) /dopusdata\Rename Presets or /dopusglobaldata\Rename Presets if the first fails. If Rename Presets folder doesn't exist, create it.

thanks very much for this, appreciated!

The rename same doesnt work though

Hi fred thanks for useful presets and button. I don't understand one think, how to use the Rename whith a same name button? should I select movie and subtitle both of the file first then press the button like this
but when I press this button the dialog box display my clipboard text, then If I have to copy the movie name first then click the button it will works but then why should I use this button, I can paste that text directly in the subtitle file

I don’t think this feature works. I don’t use it anymore. I use a button to copy the name of the movie


Clipboard SET {allfile$|noext}

then manually paste for the subtitle (F2, CTRL+V, Enter).

Which feature? What isn’t working?

The Rename whith a same name of my button. This :point_down: works on my setup but the issue may be it uses a filter not installed on other setup. It’s a very old button and there might a more elegant way to achieve that now.


// ===========================================
// deselect not media files
Select "Not video or audio" FILTER DESELECT

@set destfld={dlgstrings|Enter a name (extensions of selected files must be different)|{clip}}

Rename TYPE=files autorename REGEXP PATTERN="^(.*)(\.[^.]+)$" TO="{$destfld}\2" 

Yes. Use

You can copy the name from the previous file by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Up (or Ctrl+'), or from the next file by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Down (hold the Alt key down as well to also copy the extension). Continue to press the keys to move up/down the list of neighboring files to copy their filenames.!Documents/Inline_Rename.htm


Rename all selected files at once: When this option is turned on and you start an inline rename with more than one file selected, all selected files are renamed using the new name you enter. Numbers are added to the end of the second and subsequent files to make them end up with unique names. This emulates the behaviour added to Windows Explorer in Windows XP.

(Check Preferences / File Operations / Inline Rename / Rename all selected files at once)!Documents/Prefs/Inline_Rename1.htm

Is the thread still useful or should we delete it?

All the imageshack images in the post have broken, which makes it quite hard to follow as well. I'm not sure why the new (since the post was originally made) forum software didn't create local copies of those automatically, but they're gone now. (Maybe it only does that for new posts. I'm not sure.)

Given the age of the thread and glaring lack of context without the screenshots, I do not think much, if anything, would be lost by deleting it.

yes it's useful, but I think a rename script can do the best think about that. User should select 2 files one is the move file another one is the subtitle file. script should check the file extension first. Copy the video type files name and paste that name on to the .srt files.