Advanced Rename Dialog pin/sticky option?

Maybe this'll be easier than my previous requests... :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to have a pin or sticky option for the Advanced Rename dialog so it'll stay up after executing a rename? I have a pile of files from the last 10 years or so that have all sorts of non-conformal names that I need to correct & it'd be nice to not have to constantly open up the Rename Dialog after each pass. (Even with some decent Regex-fu, I'm hitting about 5-6 matches per pattern & there's hundreds of these things out there. Not very happy with the previous data custodians...)


We have plans to overhaul the whole dialog in the long term.

In the short term, if @nodeselect is on the command (which it is by default now, if you're using the new default toolbars) then you can just click Rename again after each time, so it shouldn't be too bad. (You'll still spend most of the time working out the regular expressions.)

You can also switch on script mode and use a rename script that runs multiple regular expressions in sequence, if you want to do it all as a single rename and preview the logic all at once instead of at each individual step.

This has been requested already and may be possible some day, nobody knows! o)

For hundreds of files and multiple regex-operations to run on, you could create a rename script-preset, which can run hundreds of lines of regex-replacements in one go.
I must say this works quite well for a dedicated set of files, which always have similar things in their name to get rid of.

You'd need to add and change these regexes for when your patterns/filenames change or create multiple presets, but this is way quicker than running a single regex per rename-operation.

Yeah, it's the new toolbar (the whole 3-button menu-button option thing, which is still cropping up today... :smiley: )

I've been using Ctrl-3 since I'm typing so much anyways. I don't think a script would work as well in this instance since there seems to be a complete absence of consistency in the source names, so I have to fiddle with the Regex as it is. (E.g., Sept09, Sept. 09, Sep 09 and my personal favorite: 0909....)

Sigh... Well, if it comes up in the design discussions, a pin would be nice. :slight_smile:

Oh, and now a slew of them with an extra digit after the year!?!? Really glad the people who did this before me are long gone...

Try the Dynamic Renamer. It has an exclude option that allows you to exclude from the rename files that match patterns. It might save you some time. It also has some date processing (I'll be adding some more date detection intelligence in this area).

I actually just saw your post yesterday when prepping for this project & installed Perl but haven't gotten beyond that when the deadline changed on me. :frowning: Now the deadline's changed - again - so I should be able to work with your script some. Thank you!

Great. If you think you'll need the enhanced date detection capabilities, let me know. The code is already done and working in another capacity. I'll have some time today to add it.