Advanced Rename doesn't let you type : character

This is an almost exact duplicate of the above, with the exception that in this case the : key cannot be typed into the New name: field.

I can work around it by either;

  1. pasting the :
    (Cleverly done BTW, I can only paste :'s between {})
  2. Switching to Regular Expressions while typing the new name. Once I switch back to Standard Wildcard Rename the script column evaluates correctly.

Also, is there any particular reason why {scp:script/column} is accepted, but {scp:script\column} is not?


Isn't : an illegal character for a filename anyway?

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Where would you put it if not between curly brackets?

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I can't see any problems here at all, and you don't need to paste the colon character.

In Standard Wildcard Rename mode, the dialog will only let you type a colon character where one is actually valid.

That is at the start of the new name, as part of a drive letter:

Or within a script column tag (which is what the linked, resolved thread was about):

Both of those were typed by hand without needing to paste or switch to Regular Expressions and back again.

Are there any other valid places where you would want want to type a colon but can't currently?

Mainly because that's just what the syntax is, but also because backslashes cause problems in general, as they are an escape character in a lot of contexts/languages. (It's unfortunate Windows uses them as a path separator, but we can't do anything about that.)

I think I see it. If I literally type {scp:, it works perfectly. In my case I was Editing an existing New name: field.

If you type a : while editing the New name field, it isnt accepted. It has to be after {scp and at the end of the line. In my case I was trying to convert {parent} - * to {scp:TitleMatch/name} - * without first deleting the entire line.

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Ah, that's something I had not tried. It should let you type the colon there. I'll see if we can make it let you.

Edit: That's done for the next beta.