Advanced Rename is Gone

I'm on Opus 12.25 and the Advanced Rename dialog-box is suddenly gone. When I press the Rename button I just get a dialog box with old & new name text-box. I tried to bind to "Advanced Rename" and I get the same.

I tried the fix described in another post, and it does work. Select "Use Simple Rename" and it enables "Advanced Rename".

I can't see this as anything more than a bug. Since it was reported back in 2019, it's a bit silly it hasn't been fixed up to now. It would be nice if this feature would dissappear in the next release.

AFAiK, there's no bug here, and wasn't one in 2019 either. It worked then and still works now.

Unless you mean the menu option turned on by itself?

Please show us what your Rename button's menu looks like if you're still seeing issues.