Advanced search changed?

Hello. I don't remember when I last used Advanced Search, but now I'm on 12.7 Pro, and that's how it looks like to me:

Basically there are only 2 options for "Name": "Match" and "No Match". What about partial match? It's only available in simple search, but simple search doesn't let me search for files with Russian names. I remember there used to be an option to enable UTF search with partial match, and now I can't find it. Please anybody?

I think you're confusing different things.

The Advanced / Name clause has never had a partial matching option. Use * wildcards at the start and end for that. (The partial matching option is in the Simple find panel, and there for people who don't understand wildcards.)

UTF8 matching doesn't make sense for filenames, since they are never in UTF8 format in Windows. (You're probably thinking of the Contains clause instead.)

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Thank you, it worked with asterisks, but I'm more than sure that somehow in the past I was able to find files by partial name without those.

You can do that on the Simple page of the Find panel.

Yeah, but it doesn't work with Russian file names.

What happens? It should work with everything.

If I use simple search for Russian file names, it gives empty results.

Can you show us an example screenshot showing how the Find panel is set up, and some of the files it fails to find?