Advanced Selection filter by image criteria no go Flat View

Trying to make a selection of displayed files using Advanced Selection, with a filter by "image match width at least 768".
It works fine if displaying just one dir, but if using flat view of subdirs then nothing is selected.
Doesn't matter which flat view type is used.
Filter using criteria of name or size etc is fine.

I haven't had a chance to verify the Flat View thing yet, but as a workaround you could use the same filter in the Find Panel (Tools -> Find Panel) which definitely does work.

Thanks Leo, that works perfectly so I'm sorted for now. I guess the issue still needs addressing at some stage though.
Thanks heaps

Just to say that simple selection filter work, but some advanced don't...
e.g. i want to select only mp3 between 4 and 5 minutes. only files in current folder are selected...