Advanced Status bar code correction


I use a code I found on a dopus-related site to display very interesting things on the staus bar. Since last update this is not working properly (the second bar, for the 1.4 g DVD is not filling up correctly) maybe because codes have changed.

As it is a little advanced for me (It took some time to understand the code) I would apreciate if somebody had the same problem and already corrected it.

I paste here my actual code:

-- Start of code --
{sd}/{td} carpetas, {sf}/{tf} ficheros, {sba} seleccionados{h!} <#FF0000>{hi} ocultos</#>{h!}{rpad}
{pu}% Ocupado, {df} Libre
{sba} seleccionados {bg+v=sb/703m,f=1,t=no,c1=#7FFCA8,c2=#ffff00,c3=#ff000,g=2,L=0}{bg+v=sbL/4.7g,f=1,t=no,c1=#7FFCA8,c2=#ffff00,c3=#ff000,g=2,L=1}
{df} Libre {bg+v=pu,W=85,f=1,t=yes,c1=#E8F0FA,c2=#0072FE,c3=#FA0510,g=2}
-- End of code --

Many thanks in advance.


The DVD based bar graph seems to be coloring in fine for me after importing your status bar code. What didn't seem to be working for you about it? Also, why was the code related to the hidden items bolded? Were you having a problem with it as well?

Hi steje,

You're right, it worked again after rebooting (PC was on for several days).

The bolded text is due to html code that this page (the forum I mean) is misunderstanding.

Sorry for the false alarm and thanks.