After delete a folder next folder is not automatically select

After Delete A folder, Next Folder not Automatically Select in My Portable HDD. But In my Desktop PC Internal HDD, Automatically select next file after deleted. my version is 12.12 X64.
note: Preferences / File Operations / Deleting Files / Automatically select next file after deleting is Turned on.

Please some body response. Is That happened only for me?

I haven't been able to reproduce it so far. AFAIK there aren't any recent similar reports.

Maybe some screenshots of the window* before & after the deletion, and details of exactly what you are doing/clicking, may help.

(*The whole window, since both the file display and folder tree can play a part in what happens when things get deleted.)

Thanks for replay. I will post Screen shot.

hi Leo I'm Sorry for late, Hare is the Screen Shot.
Note: I Sayed my main post "But In my Desktop PC Internal HDD, Automatically select next file after deleted." it's not Always true. Some Time Everything works fine in my Internal HDD But Some Time it's NOT. This Screen Shot is my Internal Desktop HDD

in This photo you see A folder is Selected. Now I Click On the Delete Button & Hare is the Confirmation Massage for Delete the folder in Screen shot 2

now I press ENTER. Then the folder is Deleted And Next Folder mark with a little dot line like the screen shot But the Folder is not Selected.

And All happed When my preferences is like That

Now The same Things is happened again But This Time I am on my Portable HDD

Thanks for the screenshots!

That looks normal enough.

Is there anything different about when it happens vs when it doesn't, e.g. a longer or shorter delay between confirming the deletion and the folder being removed from the file display?

Any difference between folders, like some that have sub-folders or certain types of files below them?

Leo Thank's for your replay, I don't noticed That, I will give you feed back after deeply notice about deleting time.

Hi Leo, I Think When deleting a folder takes longer delay Then After delete that folder Next folder is not automatically select. how to Solve This problem?

Hello dear Leo !!! How to solve this? Please Help Me!!!

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We'll make some changes in the next update which will hopefully make this more reliable; please try it when it's released and let us know if it improves the problem for you.

Thanks Jon