After importing configuration, unknown extensions attempt to open with a program that doesn't exist


The path C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3" doesn't exist and has never existed on this install of Windows 10 that I have.

I have searched my entire registry for "Sublime Text 3" and it turns up nothing. I think it's something in the Opus File Types that were imported with my configuration that I haven't reset since the Opus 10 days. (I import, use the program for years, then export when I reinstall Windows)

Opening any file with an extension that doesn't have a configuration shows the popup I have in this post. I can't figure out where exactly it is pulling this path for the old Sublime Text from.

Honestly I've dealt with this issue ever since Sublime Text moved its install path, which was years ago. I just haven't reported it.

Any ideas?

I'm an idiot. Don't mind me.