AirLiveDrive's menu support

Hello. Is it possible to make Dopus to handle links from AirLiveDrive's "share link..." menu? and also other menu items such as "Force refresh", "Download copy"... Explorer works fine with this, but Opus can't..


Do their menu items show up anywhere outside of File Explorer? For example, in Notepad's File Open dialog.

What happens if you hold shift while right-clicking where you'd expect them to appear in Opus?

yes, menu items show up in Notepad's File Open dialog and work fine.

i already hold shift (by default i use simple menu appearance [shift overides]) while right-clicking...
when right click+shift - it must open a new dialog box in AirLiveDrive with share options...


Oh, so they appear but don't do anything when clicked?

Is your firewall blocking Opus or anything like that? That would break a cloud storage app's menus from within the same process, if they run in-process.

no, the same story with firewall turned off and no antiviruses

When we have time to spare we'll try installing it and setting it up to see if we can work out what's going wrong. But if Opus is sending the request to their shell extension and it then isn't doing anything, it may be something they will need to debug on their side, since we can't see into their code.

yes, may be it's an AirLive issue. when mounted as disk - i get needed links, all works, but if i mount it as folder (as junction in DOpus) - no shared links appears