Album Double Click Script

I have enjoyed Leo's great script that opens music albums with foobar music player. One annoyance I'm having is resulting from the fact that I changed the path for the script to E:\Music\Music Albums. It works just fine until I restart Dopus or my computer at which time the path reverts to D:\Audio\Music Albums. I was hoping that you could help me solve this problem. Thanks very much.

What the contents of your /dopusdata\ConfigFiles\scriptconfig.oxc look like?

Is restarting Opus or your computer ALL you're doing... for instance, you aren't restoring an older Opus configuration backup are you?

Try with the newer beta versions if you're using 11.1. There was a bug that could cause this sometimes and was fixed in one of the betas released after 11.1.

Here is my config file after restarting my computer. I still found that the script reverted to D:\Audio\Music Albums. I generally stay away from betas, but I will give it a shot. I hid the id number below. As always, I'm grateful for your time.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



Ah, Leo. The latest beta release has solved the problem. You are a fountain of wisdom sir. Your efforts are much appreciated.