Alcohol 120% Virtual Drive Problem

I have 1 virtual Drive assigned on my system using alcohol 120%. The drive appears in my Drives Toolbar, but if i use the right click to mount or unmount any images then DOpus just dies. No error message the window just closes and the icon disapears from the sytem box. If I access the drive from a lister it works fine. Just the Toolbar seems to be at fault for some reason. Anyone else had this..?


Running by the way.

When you say right-click, do you mean within Opus, or on a separate tray icon or similar? It might be something weird going on with the context menu which crashes Opus.

For what it's worth, Daemon Tools and BestCrypt both work fine with Opus, so there isn't a general issue with virtual drives and the problem you're seeing can hopefully be resolved.

I do not have any problems with this in opus and alcohol 120%. I can mount from any toolbar drive button, text or icon, or from the tree or the listers. No poblem with any so not sure what else it might be? Not a bug at least anyway, something else must be wrong. Maybe reinstall alcohol??