Alias instead of mapped drive + copy file size limit


I have set up a new server at work. IIS and WebDav have been set up to allow me to have remote file system access. It seems that the only way I can connect to the share is using a mapped drive - the performance is excellent but I would rather not have a permanently mapped drive; instead I would like to be able to set up a simple alias to take me there when I need access. The path is: ../. It maps perfectly well but I cannot get aliases to work. Is this possible?

Also, even when a drive is mapped, if I try to copy/move large files, I get an error from dopus: "the file size exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved. (223)". Is this a dopus error or a Windows/IIS/WebDav error, and do you know how I can resolve it?

Thanks for any help.


Can you access the machine via a UNC path? e.g. \server\share\folder...

The error message will be coming from Windows or the server itself. You should see the same if you copy the same files using Explorer, unless something unusual is going on.

These issues are resolved. Thanks for your help.

How did you resolve it?

The issues were strictly with the WebDav and IIS configuration. My techie dealt with this, so I don't know the precise details. The problem was NOT with dopus.