Alias resolution?

I created a folder c:\test which contains a file test.txt and I also defined two aliases both pointing to the same folder.

The instant command >notepad /test\test.txt works as expected but the command >notepad /testing\test.txt fails with a message that the system cannot find the specified path.

I should add that this is with 12.10.2 beta.

You need to use the {alias} control code to pass path aliases to external commands, e.g. notepad {alias|test}\test.txt

The command notepad /test\test.txt literally passes the string /test\test.txt to notepad, which works because C: is the current drive and the test folder is in the root of it. If you had a folder called testing in the root then notepad /testing\test.txt would work as well.

Thanks. I had forgotten about that.