{allfilepath} keeping the order of clicked files?


I have a request, maybe there is some options already to do that.

when we select different files, and pass them to an external script with {allfilepath}, dopus will always keep current sorted view order of selected files.

For example, if I select among many files these 3 files : a_file, b_file, c_file and if my view is sorted by names it will generate {allfilepath} = a_file, b_file, c_file (with all full path of course)
If i sort by date, it will change the sequence order depending on most recent / older.

My request will be : is it possible to keep the sequence we have clicked and use it in {allfilepath}
which means :

  • if I select 'a_file' as my first selected click, then 'b_file', then 'c_file', as result {allfilepath} = a_file, b_file, c_file
  • if I select 'b_file' as my first click, then 'a_file', then 'c_file', as result {allfilepath} = b_file, a_file, c_file

So here we never consider at all the current sorted order of the viewpane but we only keep the way we have selected files as a sequence.

i have an example of external scripts where it is particularly useful which are scripts for merging files.

  • for exemple : i have a pdf, i extract interesting pages, then I remerge all pages in the order i want
  • another exemple : I merge different pictures to create a landscape of combined pictures, from left to right

Maybe it could be another command {allfilepathsequence} or an option.

it is just an idea to improve the default behavior (which is fine in other cases :-))


We know which order the files are displayed in, but we do not track which order they were selected in. (We usually know the last file that was selected, but not the order of any of the others.)

You could turn on Manual Sort and drag the files into the order you want, then select them and run the button.

Or you could use scripting to have one button which you click to add a file to a list that the script builds up, and then another button which tells the script to run the command on that list. I think using Manual Sort would be easier though, as you can see what you're doing better with that and you don't need to do any scripting.

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